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Monday, October 18, 2021

Don't make crypto poor, don't fall prey to easy earning

In the last few years, in some countries including India, crypto currency suddenly became very popular among the people.

In the last few years, in some countries including India, crypto currency suddenly became very popular among the people.  There is a competition among people to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and now vicious thugs have started taking advantage of this blind race of people.  Vicious thugs are luring people into their nets by showing them lucrative dreams and luring them and making them invest in a world which does not exist.

 Groups are being created on behalf of thugs on WhatsApp and Telegram.  In such a group, 8 to 10 people belong to the gang who cheated and other people are added, who are trying to make them a victim of fraud.

 In the group, people associated with the thug gang put up screen shots to earn money, and seeing them, people get caught in the trap of thugs and start robbing their hard earned money.  By the time the victims realize that they have been cheated, then these fraudsters have been out of their reach.

 By adding people to the group created on social media by the thug gang, it is said to invest in cryptocurrencies.  People are trapped in the net by showing the benefit of some people.  A link is given to a software made by the thug gang itself, which the person downloads and invests money in it.  After investment, the customer starts seeing the rupee in his account in dollars.

 It is advisable to buy and sell stock on behalf of the company from time to time on WhatsApp or Telegram group.  Customers buy and sell according to the tips, and they see double the money in their own account within a few days.  Seeing the increased amount, the person invests more and starts falling in the trap of thugs.  Then the reality comes to the fore.  When that person tries to withdraw his increased amount, but he is not able to withdraw the dollars appearing in the account.

Cyber ​​​​station in-charge Satyapal Singh says that the trading done on these software on behalf of the people, it is not in reality.  Cyber ​​thugs have created a fake system of trading.  Through which thugs show their increased dollars in someone's account in their desired way.  To avoid this, it is important not to invest in any such place about which you are not aware.  If someone on the Internet asks you to invest, then you need to be careful.

 All efforts are made by the Cyber ​​Police to protect people from cyber frauds.  Awareness campaigns are also run by the police, but every time the thugs invent new ways of committing cyber fraud and start trapping people in their trap.  It is necessary that if a person lures you by saying that you will get quick benefits, then do not get into his words.  Only by being careful and alert, falling in the clutches of such fraudsters can be avoided.

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