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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Awesome! The thief stole Rs 4,500 crore from a company, which hired him

 People interview to get a job, take exams, study higher but have you ever heard that even stealing can get a job. There is a company in which only the person who stole Rs 4,500 crore was given a job. Yes, this has happened.

You will remember the biggest online theft of all time last week. We are the ones who brought this news to you. The theft was no ordinary theft of cryptocurrency. The hackers stole more than Rs 4,500 crore worth of cryptocurrencies. The theft took place at Poly Network, a company known for cryptocurrency transfer.

Now Polly Network has hired Edge Hacker in its own company. The company said it was impressed with the hacker's ingenuity and talent and was happy to be offered the job. The hacker is being named as Mr. White Hat. However, his real name is still a secret.

The company is now calling this hacker an ethical hacker. The company believes it provided information on defects in the company and its systems. Polly Network has hired the hacker as Chief Security Adviser.

Just a day after the hacking, Polly Network said that out of the more than Rs 4,500 crore of cryptocurrencies stolen, the hackers have returned Rs 1,930 crore. According to the Poly Network, 26 269 million in Etherium and 8. 84 million in Polygon have not been returned. The company tweeted this information.

The company said in a statement that it did not hold Mr White Hat responsible for the hacking legally and hoped that Mr White Hat would return the money to him and his users. The company has not yet recovered the full currency. The hacker still has 23 235 million worth of cryptocurrency.

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